Lets be healthier, together.

My online cooking school is designed to help busy women struggling with their health, learn how to cook healthy & delicious meals with confidence, so they can live a disease free life.

New courses are added, so please check back periodically.   You have access to these courses for life!

My hope is that you will try new foods, discover dishes that you love, and grow in your culinary skills, while also optimizing your health.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to partner with you on this journey to a healthier you.   

What People Are Saying...

  • Maya

    "The food is delicious and filling. I'm eating food I never would have thought I would like."

  • Cynthia

    "I would have never tried any of these recipes! Thank you so much! I'm literally in tears."

  • LG

    "Thanks sooo much. I've been making your smoothies every week. I feel like my mind is so clear. I can focus. It's like I'm awake all of the sudden."

  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    Dr. Lauren W. Powell, MD, “The Culinary Doctor,” is a board-certified family medicine physician and culinary medicine specialist on a mission to end generational health issues in the African-American community. She makes healthy eating accessible and enjoyable for all through her social media quick tips, online cooking school, and bestselling book, “Food Essentials for the Busy Professional.” Born and raised in Metro-Detroit, Dr. Lauren graduated cum laude from the undergraduate program at the University of Detroit Mercy and went on to obtain her Doctor of Medicine degree from the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Around this time, her father endured a health scare, which prompted her to shift her doctoral focus to culinary medicine. Subsequently, Dr. Lauren sought additional specialized training in nutrition and culinary art. Nowadays, Dr. Lauren travels the U.S. speaking to diverse audiences about disease prevention and the healing properties in food. She is a mainstream and social media personality that has been featured on Sister Circle, Fox 2 News Detroit as well as on The DoctorGoals Podcast and the Melan-In-White Coats Podcast. Dr. Lauren is also the co-founder of Young Lady Watching, a not-for-profit organization purposed to empower and encourage young minority females to pursue careers in healthcare.

    Dr. Lauren Powell

    The Culinary Doctor

    Dr. Lauren Powell